1963-1996- The majority of my career was dedicated to point of purchase display creation reproduction and distribution. I did projects for Sears, McDonald's, Prudential Insurance Co, Miller Brewing and many more.
1996-2005 Developed in store merchandizing materials. Ten United States patents were the result of this effort for couponing and display devices.

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2005 to present - Officially retired  and doing the things I enjoy.

My favorite photographs

I have owned cameras since my elementry school days when I had my own Brownie reflex and have, over a lifetime, graduated to a NIKON DSLR. My father built a darkroom in our basement and we spent hours, elbow deep in some of the most disgusting chemicals you can imagine.

1961-1963 After a stint in the Army I attended The American Academy of Art in Chicago where  I studied design, layout , color commercial reproduction and on and on. The basics of layout and design are the same now as then. The mechanics of graphic reproduction have all changed in our digital world

Ray Simpson